“It’s a great thing to earn people’s admiration, but more so their affection. This is partly a matter of luck, but mostly of effort.” 

(Bultasar Gracián)

Ioannis A. Sarakinos

Managing attorney, Mr. Ioannis Sarakinos, is a diverse lawyer practising law in Athens/Greece.

Today, more than ever, clients need a trustworthy, friendly and intelligent lawyer, capable of dealing with a wide spectrum of their legal needs quickly and successfully.

This is where Ioannis and his legal team come in.

Growing up in Athens, Ioannis attended 1st General High School (Lyceum) of Halandri and obtained two Bachelors in Law, one from the University of Greenwich/London/UK and one from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens/Greece. He then obtained the Masters in Banking Law & Financial Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science. The way he approached his studies was by examining every topic as a researcher and not as a student. This is what has contributed to the excellent research skills he possesses today.

After completing his studies, he underwent his 18 months training contract in a well known Greek law firm in Athens, where he had the opportunity to get hands-on practical experience in financial services law as well as in other areas of law.

In April 2012, after joining the Athens Bar Association, he started working in a top tier international Greek law firm, dealing with complex capital markets, banking law and data protection issues. The same year, he was appointed BoD member of ‘‘Evripidis NPDD of the Municipality of Halandri’’ (a public body controlled by the Municipality of Halandri, responsible for the operation of cultural and sporting activities). Since then, he provides overall legal assistance and representation to the said NPDD and Municipality, mainly in relation to administrative and public law issues.

In 2013, he started providing on-going overall legal support and advisory services to international Czech IT, regarding the company’s business activites both in Greece and abroad.

The above multifaceted legal expertise has given Ioannis the ability to advice a broad clientele on different, complex legal issues. Drawing on such ability, in 2015, he started operating his own law office through which he delivers innovative, client friendly and foresighted legal solutions.

Yet, Ioannis’s life does not revolve just around the law. In his leisure time, he is equally innovative and multifaceted. From1999 to 2009, he was also following his passion in tennis with notable achievements in various tennis open tournaments, ranked in the top 100 of the Greek National Tennis league 2009. Today, he continues to practice tennis at a less competitive level. Amongst other pursuits, he is a Swarovski collector and he is in the process of finalising a history book that he started writing a few years ago. The main idea behind this book is to provide a brief and in chronological order reference of the main historic events throughout the history of mankind.