Ioannis Sarakinos

Managing Attorney

Ioannis Sarakinos

Ioannis is the managing attorney of our legal practice.

Born and raised in Athens, he attended the 1st General High School (Lyceum) of Halandri. He earned two Bachelor of Law degrees (LL.B.), one from the University of Greenwich in London, UK and the other from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He then obtained a Masters degree (LL.M.) in Banking Law & Financial Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He approached his studies by examining each topic as an avid researcher, honing the excellent research skills he possesses today.

After completing his studies in law, Ioannis undertook the 18th month training contract at a prominent Greek law firm in Athens – Greece, where he gained a first glimpse of financial services and business law in practice.

In April 2012, immediately after completing the 18th month training contract, he joined the Athens Bar Association, and he began his tenure, as an Attorney-at-Law, at a top-tier international Greek law firm, specialising in complex capital markets (i.e. listing of companies to stock exchanges, setting off stock exchange transactions), banking law and data protection issues. That same year, he was appointed as a BoD member of a public body of a Municipality in Athens. This role marked his first venture into practicing public/administrative law.

His diverse legal expertise, combined with his research-driven approach to every legal area he encountered, has equipped Ioannis with the ability to advise a broad clientele base, from private individuals and commercial companies to public entities. Leveraging this capability, he founded Sarakinos Law in 2015, offering innovative, client-centric, and foresighted legal solutions.

Since 2017, Ioannis has served as a keynote speaker, delivering over 300 hours of practical and informative training seminars to private and public key employees on all legal issues relating to public procurement, school committees and their compliance (e.g. GDPR, AML, Whistleblowing, Intellectual Property, Transfer of Technology). He is also the head legal counsel of the digital portal “DimosData” (, which provides expertise to public bodies in the areas of public procurement, school committees and all areas of compliance. In recent years, he has been a World Bank expert, advising on financial services and the compliance of companies in the utilities sectors (water & internet).

Outside his legal profession, Ioannis has varied interests. From 1999 to 2009, he passionately pursued tennis, achieving notable rankings in various open tournaments and a place within the top 100 of the Greek National Tennis league (2009). Although at a less competitive level nowadays, he still enjoys tennis very much. He is also a collector of crystals’, he enjoys creating lists (a self-invented game shared with friends and clients) and he is currently penning a history book aimed at providing a concise, in chronological order, account of major events in world history.

He is fluent in Greek, English and French.