It is fair to say that Greek public & administrative law resembles a complicated maze. Research and organizational skills are therefore of paramount importance in order to provide accurate, timely and value-adding service. This is where our practice steps in. It is this attitude and skills that make our public & administrative law practice a major player in the Greek legal market.

Amongst others, our public & administrative law practice possesses extensive experience in:

  • Advising Municipalities and public bodies on an extensive array of matters arising with regard to the compliance and legality of their decisions and general actions.
  • Representing Municipalities, public bodies and public employees on various cases relating to salaries, leaves, allowances etc.
  • Advising on the legal process for payment orders before the administrative courts.
  • Drafting legal opinions on various public & administrative law matters (e.g. collection of debt through the public law process, employees and citizens requests).