Our legal team focusing on technology is always up-to-date with the current developments in the technology sector, ambitious and extremely dynamic.

From digital business, e-commerce, e-services & internet law to cybercrime/cybersecurity and electronic communications, we leverage our extensive and well-rounded legal background in all areas relevant to smart technologies. We, also, have great experience and provide comprehensive legal services to clients doing business in the following smart technologies (indicatively):

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI stands at the forefront of technological innovation. 

Having a multi-disciplinary AI legal team, we assist our clients to evaluate, leverage and mitigate challenges from AI specific to their industry and regulatory environment in which they operate by providing practical and actionable legal guidance. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

 Sarakinos Law is at the forefront of legal developments in the IoT area.

Our team is currently working on a proposal to the EU targeted on mitigating new threats and adapting investigation strategies in the era of IoT. The expected outcomes of this proposal are threefold: (a) to provide modern legal tools to tackle new and emerging forms of crime pertaining to the development of Internet of Things; (b) to establish a guide regarding the lawful access and exploitation of evidence in the environment of the IoT; and (c) to highlight best practices (legal, organisational, technical) to access and exploit IoT in the course of investigation, including by developing relevant tools and training materials. 


Our experience in this field, has showed us that one of the biggest legal challenges facing the blockchain is the issue of applicable jurisdiction in resolving disputes or enforcing contracts.

Leveraging on our team’s multi-jurisdictional legal background, and our specialisation on the compliance of businesses and public bodies, we assist our clients to evaluate and mitigate jurisdictional and other blockchain legal challenges by providing clear, concise and accurate legal advice. 

Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

AR/VR poses significant legal risks in relation to the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights. At the same time, Due to the volume of personal data that AR/VR technologies collect, a second significant legal concern is that of privacy and data protection. Safety, liability and ethics are additional crucial aspect of AR/VR laws.

Our always up-to-date practical and theoretical knowledge of national and EU laws applicable to the aforementioned areas of laws, guarantees that our clients navigate safely through all the legal challenges surrounding AR/VR. 

Technology transfer & Spin-Offs

We are among the very few legal services providers in Greece with extensive experience in the legal framework of transferring technology in an academic as well as business environment. We draft, review, and update technology transfer agreements and relevant policies. Additionally, we advise on establishing and operating spin-offs. Our legal approach is geared towards improving economic efficiency, being pro-competitive, reducing duplication in research and development, strengthening incentives for the initial research and development, spurring incremental innovation, facilitating diffusion, and fostering product market competition.

Highlights of our smart technology practice include:

  • Advising a major international IT company based in Czech Republic on over EUR 1mil technology transfer agreements with leading 5* international hotel chains, while drafting necessary contractual provisions for a seamless, secure provision of internet during the transitional period.
  • Serving as key speakers and trainers for over 100 hours on technology transfer agreements, and spin-off establishment/operation during in-house training seminars at various universities in Greece.

Mr. Ioannis Sarakinos, a key legal practitioner on smart technologies, with over 50 hours of lecturing during training seminars on various relevant topics to key private and public sector employees, heads our smart technology legal practice.