We provide compliance services to the personnel of private and public legal entities safeguarding their conformity with all national and EU rules as well as best practices. We provide and apply successfully, tailor-made compliance programs in all required legal fields. Indicatively: 

Corporate governance

Our corporate governance compliance practice ranges from representing large, medium and small-sized corporations in-court and/or out-of-court to assisting entrepreneurs in setting up companies in Greece and observing the on-going obligations, depending on the type of company.

Highlights of our corporate compliance practice include:

  • Advising the largest cheese supplier in Greece on its compliance with various corporate governance issues.
  • Assisting clients in establishing business entities on every type/size.
  • Advising large, medium and small-sized companies of any type on raising more than EUR 500.000 capital through offering of securities or by selling assets.
  • Representing large, medium and small-sized companies of any type in litigation proceedings before national courts.
  • Advising and drafting AoAs, stock option & shareholder agreements for a UK based on-line trading platform on digital assets to prepare its initial IPO.

In recent months, we have been advising various companies and public bodies on their legal compliance on environmental, economic and social matters. Specifically, by implementing the prescribed legal good practices on Environmental Social & Governance (ESG), we assist our clients to prepare and fully comply with the ESG metrics. 

Data protection, privacy & confidentiality

Our data privacy practice advises a wide range of clients, from private companies to public bodies, on all aspects of data protection/privacy compliance. Using user-friendly software with the highest security standards, Sarakinos Law provides tailor-made, comprehensive, pragmatic and timely advice. We also monitor all current and upcoming developments in the data privacy and information security field (e.g. new laws, regulations, significant judgements, regulatory guidance, etc.), thus assisting our clients to always be ahead of the curve.

Our data protection, privacy & confidentiality compliance services include:

  • Drafting and implementing policies, procedures, guidelines, measures and other governance frameworks to manage data use.
  • Assisting with data mapping and vendor management reviews.
  • Working with key internal stakeholders in the review of projects and related data to ensure compliance with data protection laws and mitigate risks.
  • Acting as the primary point of contact for GDPR queries in the business and liaising with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.
  • Representing our clients in disputes (in and out of court) regarding the implementation of GDPR measures, including contesting lawsuits and fines.

Highlights of our data privacy practice include:

  • Successfully completing numerous GDPR compliance projects for major IT and publishing international companies, as well as numerous public bodies, using our unique compliance method.
  • Acting as DPOs for major IT and publishing international companies to ensure their on-going compliance with GDPR.
  • Delivering over 100 hours of GDPR/DPO training seminars to key private and public sector employees to increase awareness of data protection and security issues, presenting the key aspects of the regulatory framework as well as the practical handling of corporate GDPR cases.
  • Challenging fines imposed by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority for major commercial companies and individuals. 

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Our world is steadily moving towards a more digitalised, cyber-secure financial system. Meanwhile, the international regulatory systems are pursuing a more transparent, safe, crime free market. In light of the successive international financial crises, the ongoing warzones and the rapidly changing technology, the need for more effective tools against money laundering and the financing of criminal activities has led to the imposition of detailed and strict regulatory measures, that cover almost all types of businesses.

Sarakinos Law provides detailed legal advice on all aspects of compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations for various responsible legal entities. Using its profound academic and practical knowledge of AML’s local, EU, and international regulations, Sarakinos Law supports all types of responsible businesses with user-friendly, secure and robust tools. We also ensure that their personnel is well-trained to target and address high-risk activity accurately and promptly.

Over the years, we have advised and conducted presentations/training seminars on the intricate and often overlapping legal and regulatory AML landscape. We focus on everything from the implementation of strong compliance measures to robust responses to red flags or regulators, having already trained more than 50 key employees.

Our AML team along with our financial regulation team are currently working on a proposal targeted on tracing of cryptocurrencies transactions related to criminal purposes. The expected outcomes of this proposal are: (a) to provide recommendations for better regulation of the cryptocurrencies market as well as for better regulation of the exchange of transnational information on funds transfers, harmonizing and promoting standards to enhance the tracing of money flows in the context of criminal investigations; and (b) to provide modern training curricula for competent authorities as well as judicial actors on tracing, seizing and handling cryptocurrencies in the course of investigation.


Our whistleblowing practice has had a promising start, as we are one of the first legal practices in Greece to provide legal consultation and guidance regarding the most recent legislation. Although the relevant provisions in Greece are relatively recent, we have gained significant exposure in ensuring the compliance of public and private entities with whistleblowing provisions.

In collaboration with a user-friendly, secure and accredited whistleblowing platform, we equip businesses with robust tools (policies, guidance) and train their personnel to handle reports of suspicious transactions accurately and promptly through our unique, tailor-made reporting system.

One of the many highlights of our whistleblowing practice includes serving as keynote speakers on educational seminars for over 20 hours on all aspects of whistleblowing for private and public sector employees. 


We have consistently provided high-level and reliable competition and antitrust advice to major corporations, both during disputes arising from antitrust violations and in out-of-court proceedings. Our advice considers national and EU competition laws, state aid, and the introduction of special provisions for various sectors. Our primary objective is to protect our clients effectively from future antitrust risk, consequently reducing management time and costs.

Sarakinos Law has the resources and expertise needed to advise on the complex and often novel issues arising in this sector.

Our standard competition and antitrust services include:

  • Preparation of antitrust guidelines.
  • Provision of employee training.
  • Performance of due diligence.
  • Conduct of mock dawn raids both in Greece and abroad.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Our exposure to and practical experience in all intellectual property legal issues is dynamic. We act on behalf of companies and individuals, both in-court and out-of-court, to register their trademarks and innovations and protect their rights. Moreover, we are delivering a significant number of presentations and training seminars to academics and business employees.

Highlights of our intellectual property practice include:

  • Representing the largest cheese supplier in Greece over trademark infringement cases against other cheese suppliers.
  • Registering trademarks at national, EU, and international level on behalf of national companies operating in the various service sectors.
  • Detailing the process for registering innovations in Greece and internationally for academics and professionals in diverse fields.
  • Serving as key speakers and trainers for over 100 hours on various topics of intellectual property rights during in-house training seminars at various universities in Greece. 

In conclusion, our compliance team recognizes the importance of continuing professional development and education and has created a network of experts made up of legal, IT, security, and financial advisors, as well as national and foreign law firms and economists. This network allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of world-class services in each compliance area.

Mr. Ioannis Sarakinos, a key researcher and a key speaker on corporate and public bodies’ compliance, with over 50 hours of lecturing in training seminars on compliance to key private and public sector employees, heads our compliance practice of our office.